At YFC, volunteering isn’t what we want from you; it’s what we want for you. Not what you have to do, but what you get to do. It’s simple. If you have an interest, you can count on us to help you find your ideal Team.

To volunteer with a Team, just choose a Team below that interests you and sign up. Once you’ve selected a Team that interests you, you will be contacted by our YFC staff. 

At YFC, the initial commitment period to a Team is six months. Once you’ve volunteered in a role for six months, you may choose to continue in that role, try something different, or take a break from volunteering.


Our Teams are organized into five main areas:

If you enjoy behind-the-scenes roles, this is for you.
All HUB opportunities are at the YFC office, helping staff with administrative tasks and projects as they arise.

If you enjoy working directly with students, then CLUB is for you.
This Team assists in the weekly Campus Life clubs located on multiple school campuses.

Are you passionate about praying for others?
The LIFT Team regularly gathers and prays for the needs of YFC and those involved in the ministry.

Are you fluent in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all things social?
The SOCIAL Team helps YFC extend awareness on multiple social media platforms.

Do you have a heart for your community? Do you have the gift of hospitality?
This unique team is designed to build "grassroots" relationships and community awareness for YFC.