What We Do

Reaching into darkness . . . to bring young people into the light.

It isn't easy being a teenager these days:

  • Suicide is the number one cause of death among teenagers ages 15-19.
  • The average teenager takes their first drink at age 13.
  • The average age at which a teen becomes sexually active is 15 for girls and 14 for boys.
  • Most people who don’t make a decision to follow Jesus in their teenage years, never do.

YFC reaches them on campuses and in their world . . .

Our Campus Life team provides a positive influence on school campuses and in communities across Atlanta.

Weekly meetings typically include games, events and lively discussions. They are a safe and friendly place to learn life skills, think through important issues and to develop quality relationships with peers and caring adults.

Campus life has found that shared experiences between a student and supportive, caring adults helps students wrestle with issues they face and pursue a balanced life mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

YFC reaches into the deaf community . . .

Deaf Teen Quest (DTQ) is designed specifically for building Christ-centered, life-changing relationships with deaf and hard of hearing students. Teams of caring Christian adults enter the world of Deaf teenagers with "fun, friendship, fellowship and faith." DTQ provides a healthy peer group environment with Christian role models to help Deaf teens develop a mature faith that makes a positive difference in the world.